It's Okay to be Selfish

Mamas, It’s Okay to Be Selfish with Your Baby

At some point, everyone has heard a breastfeeding mom say she felt forced to pump breast milk because her husband, the grandmother, some sister-in-law, or that neighbor down the street wanted to give the baby a bottle. Or you’ve even heard someone pressure the formula feeding mama to hand over the bottle to someone else.  […]

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The Day I Sent My Toddler to the ER

It was a day that I’ll never forget. I was trying to get my two toddlers, Amie and Ann Riess, out the door to get one to Mothers Day Out, and of course, we were running late. I was trying to coax both girls out the door when my 15 month old, Ann Riess decided […]

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Mox Shoes :: One Shoe for All

Disclosure :: Mox Shoes sponsored this post, but as you can see below, these shoes are loved, approved and coveted by all.  Mox Shoes :: One Shoe for All I have to start off by saying that I am a true Louisiana girl. I would almost always be barefoot. And if I cannot be barefoot, […]

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Happy May Day!

For Mamas Searching for Answers

I see you, Mama, with your precious boy with the long eyelashes and beautiful smile. He says “Hello” and “Yes Ma’am” and even says grace before his meals. He gives bear hugs and sweet kisses and tells you how much he loves you. He apologizes for keeping you up at night and fixes breakfast for […]

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Lafayette Moms Need to Know Guide :: Your Guide for Things to do in Lafayette April 2018

April showers will bring May flowers … or so they say. The Easter Bunny might be playing some tricks on April Fool’s Day this year, but we hope he still brings you chocolate. There’s a lot of fun spring events to look forward to so start planning now with our need to know guide for […]

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Raising the Bar for Our Kids

The past two years, we’ve received letters from school requesting parents to send notes of the “good deeds” their child does during Lent. The teachers like to acknowledge said deeds with a special sticker or treat. Each year, I get frustrated at the examples provided. Examples of suggested good deeds include making their bed, holding […]

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