My Children are My Mirror

From a young age, I knew I would be a good dad. It was one of the things my wife first found most attractive about me. She always said she knew from the way I treated my cat that I was a nurturer. She was mostly right. The biggest shock to being a dad was […]

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Pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy Pitfalls After 40

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  Pregnancy Pitfalls After 40 Many of today’s women are delaying childbearing until later in life for a variety of reasons, including career choices, financial status, late marriage and remarriage. In addition, successful treatment of previously infertile women over 40 is occurring. In fact, news reports […]

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Blueberry Picking :: A Louisiana Summer Tradition {& Easy Fresh Blueberry Recipes}

I’ve kept this gem a secret long enough; it’s time to share it with you mommas. There’s this little treat of a place called Bayou Blues Blueberry Farm in Broussard. Our family began the tradition of picking blueberries at the farm 3 years ago after I stumbled across their Facebook page during prime picking season. […]

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