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Is Anyone Defending Mrs. McCallister?

Ahh it’s the holiday season! And with the holiday season comes one of my very favorite things – holiday movies! While I love the typical Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Family Stone – I really, really, love Home Alone. Mostly because this is the one movie that my children will deign to watch with […]

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the case for lingerie

A Case for Lingerie {Keeping That Spark Alive in Your Marriage}

If there is one thing it’s hard for mamas to feel, it’s sexy. Yep. I said the S word. When your body has been ravaged by bearing a child, it then gets worn down while rearing said child (hellooooo sleepless nights!), in addition to all the other life stuff that’s going on: work, school, house, […]

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When You Make a Crappy Comment

It’s the holiday season, and while I dream of living in a world filled with peace, joy, love and harmony … especially during this holly jolly season, the truth is crappy comments can come out. Crappy comments are those comments you make that kinda slip out of your mouth during a malfunction with your filter. They […]

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