Lafayette Moms Need to Know Guide :: Your Guide for Things to do in Lafayette April 2018

April showers will bring May flowers … or so they say. The Easter Bunny might be playing some tricks on April Fool’s Day this year, but we hope he still brings you chocolate. There’s a lot of fun spring events to look forward to so start planning now with our need to know guide for […]

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Raising the Bar for Our Kids

The past two years, we’ve received letters from school requesting parents to send notes of the “good deeds” their child does during Lent. The teachers like to acknowledge said deeds with a special sticker or treat. Each year, I get frustrated at the examples provided. Examples of suggested good deeds include making their bed, holding […]

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Pacque-ing {A Cajun Easter Tradition}

South Louisiana is known for some weird traditions. At Christmastime, we let Madame Grands Doigts — a witch with long fingers — come into our home to deliver goodies into stockings hung by the chimney with care. We boil and eat something literally called a MudBug. We made Mardi Gras a “thing,” and we chase […]

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Big Bro Theo and a Rainbow on the Horizon

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, even if far beyond our comprehension. But after this last year, I believe in more than that. I believe that everything is perfectly orchestrated and we are just along for the ride.  When this whole Lafayette Moms Blog gig came up last Fall, I knew […]

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Dear Chick-fil-A, I Adore You

Dear Chick-fil-A, I frequent you a great deal. Mainly your location on Ambassador Caffery, but do not fret, your location off of Louisiana Avenue always bids us adieu before we are off to visit grandparents down I10. You are a momma’s dream. I’m not sure if it is the cutesie silk flowers that you put […]

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An Open Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

When I was 14, we all had to write letters to our 18-year-old self at a school retreat. For some reason or another, I didn’t actually write the letter. I remember being in a fight with my best friend at the time, and I was sulking. And I guess I thought the activity was stupid […]

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The Sleep Thief

I feel like we’ve hit a groove here when it comes to sleeping. It’s taken us 15 months to get here, and it’s not really the groove I was looking for if you want me to be honest. It’s not the groove I had with my other four children either, but it’s a groove that […]

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