Goodnight Mom :: A Parody of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Mom

In the Magnolia-styled room

There was a dirty diaper

And a soccer ball

And a picture of – 

Scribbles and marker on the wall

And laundry piled high, clean and dry

And a toddler buck nude

And remnants of food

And Netflix on pause

And toys from inlaws

And a cat and a hat

And a baseball bat

And the tired mom 

who was yelling “shush!”


Goodnight dishes in the sink

Goodnight quiet time to think

Goodnight lost sippy of milk that stinks

Goodnight crumbs across the floor

Goodnight broom and list of chores

Goodnight blocks and mismatched socks

Goodnight boogers

Goodnight snot

Goodnight coffee that used to be hot

Goodnight pee-soaked, smelly sheets

Goodnight legos under my feet

Goodnight thoughtful dinner that no one eats

Goodnight kisses

Goodnight hugs

Goodnight children snug as bugs

Goodnight mess

And goodnight mom


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