A Fit Momma’s Guide to Exercise in Acadiana

Gyms abound in and around Lafayette. While we like our food and fun, we seem to like our fitness too. And with all of the gyms and fitness studios around, there is inevitably one (or two) that fit your schedule, needs and budget.

This is in no way intended to be a comprehensive gym guide. We’ve pulled out certain gyms and fitness studios to give you an idea of what is available in and around Acadiana.


Pros :: Nursery, Ladies only workout area, multiple pools (indoor and outdoor), swim lessons offered year round, full complement of classes offered, personal training available, tennis courts, splash pad, snack bar, coffee bar and a real bar after 5pm. Can we say margaritas after our workout?! The number of amenities offered makes this gym well worth the registration fee and monthly membership fee.

Cons :: If you live on the outskirts of Lafayette, it can be difficult to get to, especially during rush hour traffic. Classes don’t start until 5:30am, which can be too late for some early working mommas.

City Club at River Ranch

Pros :: City Club offers a wonderful fitness center with a full complement of machines for both cardio and weight driven workouts. They also offer a variety of group exercise classes and personal training sessions are available for an additional fee. Membership includes access to the tennis courts and pool. City Bar Fitness also has a snack bar with delicious smoothies. Child care is available.

Cons :: Registration fee and monthly membership fees are pricier than most other gyms in the area.

Physiques Fitness

Pros :: Physiques is an all-women’s fitness center with a wonderful workout area. They offer a variety of group exercise classes throughout the day and child care is available during certain hours of the day. Membership fees are considered affordable.

Cons :: Child care is not offered all day.

Pure Barre Lafayette

Pros :: Pure Barre Lafayette is locally owned and operated and utilizes a ballet barre with moves designed to lift and tone. Noon classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for working mommas, and there are also classes on the weekends. PB Lafayette also offers new client discounts.

Cons :: Child care is not offered and the cost per class or by package can be a bit on the high side for some.

Cajun Fitness

Pros :: Cajun Fitness is a locally owned gym with 5 locations. Membership allows use of all five locations. Along with a great gym and plenty of machines to use for weighted and cardio workouts, Cajun also offers group exercise classes, however, classes and times may vary at each location. Personal Training is also available for an additional fee. Child care is offered with great, low rate packages. Membership fees are considered affordable.

Cons :: Child care isn’t available on Sundays and only the Rayne location has a pool.

Planet Fitness

Pros :: Planet Fitness is a no-frills gym open and staffed 24/7. PF offers a number of different classes daily they call PE @ PF. You can view and sign up for classes on their website. The gym itself offers a variety of equipment for both weighted and cardio workouts. They also offer massage chairs, hydro massage and tanning booths with the “black card” membership ($21.99/mo). PF has very affordable memberships starting at $10/month. There are two Planet Fitness gyms in Lafayette, one on Ambassador Caffery and one on Moss Street.

Cons :: Planet Fitness is a gym and does not offer child care or personal training.

Orange Theory Fitness

Pros :: OTF offers great group full body interval workouts. Heart rate monitors and coaches provide feedback and shape your workout so that you get the most out of it. OTF offers different class packages and a free workout for first time goers who want to try it out.

Cons :: OTF doesn’t offer child care and the limited class times may not fit with a busy momma’s schedule. Class packages are expensive compared to other gym fees.

9Round Fitness

Pros :: 9Round is a full-body, kickboxing centric workout. Each class is 30 minutes long and heart rate monitors are used to optimize your workout. Workouts change daily and coaches are always there to guide and motivate you throughout your workout.  

Cons :: 9Round does not offer child care, and the hours of operation may not fit with a busy momma’s schedule.


Pros :: If you like a challenging, varied workout, this is for you! You rarely complete the same workout twice. For those beginners that are intimidated by all the Crossfit posts you see on social media, there are scaling options that allow you to work at a pace that comfortable and healthy  for you. CrossFit is generally full of people who are encouraging and end up being a great support system. Some CrossFit gyms have “unloaded” classes that allow you to only use the bar without additional weights added. Most have NO contracts and memberships are flexible and affordable.

Cons :: You are going to be really sore for the first month! You also have to find the right CrossFit gym for you.

The Dailey Method Barre Studio

Pros :: TDM has a very welcoming feel and a fantastic sense of community. Their class offerings are pretty great too with a 45 minute express class at noon perfect for working moms. They offer child care and love feedback from their members regarding class offerings and schedules. Check their website for other promotions.

Cons :: The cost per class or by package can be a bit on the high side for some. Class schedules don’t always match up with busy momma schedules and child care isn’t always open.            

Oui Power Yoga

Pros :: Oui Power Yoga offers amazing hot yoga classes. Hot yoga is a great workout that also stretches and strengthens your muscles. Oui offers different class packages as well as student/teacher discounts.

Cons :: Class times are limited and class packages can be pricy.


Pros :: Great cardio workout!  If you love a good spinning class, check out CycleBar. They offer different classes – Classic, Connect, Performance and Themed rides.  They also offer private bookings for charity events – you can raise money while working out! CycleBar provides complimentary shoes, a water bottle, and snacks. They also have lockers for your use while you are in class.

Cons :: If you are looking for an intense upper body workout, you may be disappointed. Class packages can be pricy.

Baby Boot Camp – Mommy & Me program

Pros :: A mommy and me workout class that is great for stay at home mamas looking to connect with other moms. These classes are stroller fitness total body workouts and cater to all fitness levels. Classes are normally 60 minutes long and held three days a week at 8:30 or 9:15 classes

Cons :: Only held at 8:30 or 9:15 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The Yoga Garden

Pros :: The Yoga Garden is an oasis right in the heart of Lafayette. With both indoor and outdoor classes, the entire studio is focused on injury prevention while cultivating inner peace and a healthy body. This studio offers Hatha Yoga based classes for all levels from the yoga newbie to the advanced yogi. In addition, they offer aerial yoga which uses yoga silks suspended from beams. These silks allow the student to explore a different perspective, both upside down and right side up. The Yoga Garden also offers many workshops on specialized topics – Women’s groups, dream work, and children’s yoga.

Cons :: They offer only 1 early morning class and do not have a nursery. They do, however, sometimes offer children’s yoga at the same time as the adult classes.

Workout Apps

If you still can’t find a gym or fitness studio to fit your needs, try an app. There are plenty out there, but two of my personal favorites are Studio TIU are Daily Yoga.

Studio TIU is a great app with a library of workouts to choose from. New content is posted each day as well – including new daily toning moves and workouts that start every hour on the hour.  You can do these workouts anywhere, anytime. I love to use this app when I travel for work because it gives me a great workout to complete in less than an hour, and I am not stuck on a treadmill! You get all of this for $12.99/month.

Daily Yoga is an amazing app for anyone interested in yoga – from beginner to advanced. It is easy to follow and as you advance, you can change the intensity levels of your sessions. The app also includes focused plans for those with specific goals in mind (beginner, weight control, strength and flexibility, etc.). Access to all of this will only cost you $9.99/month.

What is your favorite go-to gym or fitness studio in Acadiana?

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