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Marriage as Told Through Text Messages

My husband and I have been together for 12 years – which means a lot of text messages! In the early days, we both had flip phones so most of our texts were pretty short and to the point. Then we got iPhones and things shifted from there. We went from periodic texts to messaging […]

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I need to give my husband a break.

Sometimes I Need To Give My Husband A Break

I won’t even pretend I don’t give my husband grief about what he does. I might not always say it out loud, but I’m thinking it. I’ve learned what battles I want to have in marriage. Needless to say, half of what I’m fussing about in my head isn’t worth the actual argument. So why […]

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mardi gras mama

I Ain’t No Mardi Gras Mama

As a child in South Louisiana, my family didn’t Mardi Gras too much. We usually went to one parade besides our shoe-box-float school parade. We picked up some boudin, drank some Coke, and ate some king cake. C’est tout fini.  As I entered into young adulthood, ERRRRRRYBODY LOOOOOOVED Mardi Gras. They were naked wasted at […]

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#SelfCare is a Lie

I’m a big fan of “hashtag” speak. Even though I’m in my thirties, I still get a kick out of #treatyoself when justifying something or #blessed when I’m being ironic about an event in my life – and let’s be clear, this is not on social media. This is coming out of my mouth. It […]

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