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2018 Lafayette Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite Lafayette Mom TODAY!

2018 Lafayette Mom of the Year Whether she is a stay at home mom, work from home mom or working mom, her “job” involves so much more than the title implies. She’s the family nurse and the keeper of the calendar. She’s the meal planner and the chef. She’s the chauffeur, the referee, the laundromat, the travel agent. She’s […]

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Irish Twins

Mommin’ Irish Twins {My Top 10 Tips & Tricks}

My first two children were born 12 months apart. You know what they call that?  Irish Twins Oh we have the luck o’ the Irish in our blood.  Walking around wearing a baby, while holding a baby, is a tough gig. You have TWO kids in diapers, TWO kids nursing or taking bottles, TWO kids […]

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I need to give my husband a break.

Sometimes I Need To Give My Husband A Break

I won’t even pretend I don’t give my husband grief about what he does. I might not always say it out loud, but I’m thinking it. I’ve learned what battles I want to have in marriage. Needless to say, half of what I’m fussing about in my head isn’t worth the actual argument. So why […]

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