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Does the Fertility Journey Ever End?

September 2010. That’s when my fertility journey began. After months of trying to get pregnant, I asked my gynecologist if he would check my thyroid because of family history. I never showed the typical signs for hypothyroidism – weight issues, tiredness, hair issues – but there I was, crushing it. A simple thyroid test showed […]

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What Not To Say to Infertile Couples (and What You Can Say and Do Instead)

I have always been very careful NOT to ask friends and family when they were going to have a child (or another one). After personally experiencing this line of questioning for the last eleven years, answering this question can sting when you have dealt with, or currently dealing with, infertility and infant loss. You never […]

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Armand's 6th Birthday | October 2017

The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives | My Adoption Story

Thursday, November 12, 2015 The day I thank God my phone was actually charged. Sitting at my desk, I received a phone call that would change so many lives for the better.  “Traci, hey, it’s (name) from the adoption agency.” This was the first time I’ve been contacted since sending in our application 17 months […]

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