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Blueberry Picking :: A Louisiana Summer Tradition {& Easy Fresh Blueberry Recipes}

I’ve kept this gem a secret long enough; it’s time to share it with you mommas. There’s this little treat of a place called Bayou Blues Blueberry Farm in Broussard. Our family began the tradition of picking blueberries at the farm 3 years ago after I stumbled across their Facebook page during prime picking season. […]

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Show Me Your Basket! {Meal Planning Basics}

Summertime is here!!! We are chillaxing and playing and summer camping and sprinkling and swimming. For me, this lack of structure is stressful. I thrive on ordered days and schedules. One of the ways I maintain a level of control is to continue with my menu planning. There are three reasons why I choose to […]

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Busy Moms Guide to Easy Breakfast

Breakfast. It’s the meal we preach to our offspring: “You can’t leave the house on an empty stomach!” “It’s the most important meal of the day.” “It will help you focus better in school.” However, when it comes to being the parent, sometimes practicing what we preach becomes a little more challenging. As a registered […]

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