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The Best of Lafayette Moms Blog

The Best of Lafayette Moms Blog :: The Top 10 Posts of 2017

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to say how much we truly value, appreciate and respect each and every one of you. We are proud that since launching just three short months ago, we have had over 70,000 page views, reached more than 38,800 unique readers, and connected over 500 moms [...]
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the case for lingerie

A Case for Lingerie {Keeping That Spark Alive in Your Marriage}

If there is one thing it’s hard for mamas to feel, it’s sexy. Yep. I said the S word. When your body has been ravaged by bearing a child, it then gets worn down while rearing said child (hellooooo sleepless nights!), in addition to all the other life stuff that’s going on: work, school, house, […]

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When You Make a Crappy Comment

It’s the holiday season, and while I dream of living in a world filled with peace, joy, love and harmony … especially during this holly jolly season, the truth is crappy comments can come out. Crappy comments are those comments you make that kinda slip out of your mouth during a malfunction with your filter. They […]

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