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When You Make a Crappy Comment

It’s the holiday season, and while I dream of living in a world filled with peace, joy, love and harmony … especially during this holly jolly season, the truth is crappy comments can come out. Crappy comments are those comments you make that kinda slip out of your mouth during a malfunction with your filter. They […]

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Real Life Tips for Lafayette Dietitian Moms on Halloween

Real Life Tips on Handling Halloween Treats from a Dietitian Mom

Halloween is a scary topic, especially when we as parents are trying to learn that balance of nurturing our kids while teaching them healthy habits and cultivating memories. Whatever your thoughts and feelings are about this holiday, Halloween happens. Candy comes out just as the monsters and ghouls start walking down the street. You want […]

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Dear Angel Babies

Let me begin by saying I never had the honor of carrying you or experienced the pain of losing you, but you did come to me through loved ones. When you made your first appearance, we were filled with hope and joy for all you would bring to our lives. But then something happened and […]

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