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What I Learned from Getting Fired

Not many people know that one of my more recent jobs ended in termination. The company I worked for decided to terminate my employment after working for them for over 5 years. I was a success; in fact, the most successful person in the position I held. I helped my teammates; I was friends with […]

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I’ve Got You Pegged!

I recently received an email regarding my business that upset me. The content, the situation and the customer’s perspective all frustrated me. The customer acknowledged how great our facility is and how great the care is but felt when she called us the next day, the receptionist was rude. The customer let that phone call […]

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Support Your Local Businesses

Facebook recommendations are great. It gives exposure to business and events that wouldn’t normally have a wide reach without a large budget. Recently, a friend asked where to purchase a UL (University of Louisiana) shirt for an upcoming sporting event. I was quick to comment with two local stores that carry a wide variety of […]

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Celebrating our “Gotcha Day!”

If you have ever been able to be part of an adoption process, you know just how special a “gotcha day” truly is. Although celebrated many different ways, a “gotcha day” is meant to observe the end of the adoption legal process and recognize the day a family truly becomes one. The day our son […]

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But Mom, I’m Hungry!

How many times a day, especially when school is out, do parents hear “I’m hungry?” Most moms joke that all their kids do is eat over summer break. For some kids, hunger is real and for others, it’s simply boredom. According to a USDA definition, my son spent majority of his life under the label […]

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Does the Fertility Journey Ever End?

September 2010. That’s when my fertility journey began. After months of trying to get pregnant, I asked my gynecologist if he would check my thyroid because of family history. I never showed the typical signs for hypothyroidism – weight issues, tiredness, hair issues – but there I was, crushing it. A simple thyroid test showed […]

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