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Raising the Bar for Our Kids

The past two years, we’ve received letters from school requesting parents to send notes of the “good deeds” their child does during Lent. The teachers like to acknowledge said deeds with a special sticker or treat. Each year, I get frustrated at the examples provided. Examples of suggested good deeds include making their bed, holding […]

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Armand's 6th Birthday | October 2017

The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives | My Adoption Story

Thursday, November 12, 2015 The day I thank God my phone was actually charged. Sitting at my desk, I received a phone call that would change so many lives for the better.  “Traci, hey, it’s (name) from the adoption agency.” This was the first time I’ve been contacted since sending in our application 17 months […]

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Mom, Is Tomorrow Another “After School Care Day?” {Trying to Explain Our Village to Our 5 Year Old}

I barely make it before the 5:30 pm deadline to pick up my son from after school care. He appears to be having fun, playing with friends. We get in the car and after brief conversation, he says “is tomorrow another after school care day?” I quickly respond with “yes, don’t you like after school care?” Seeking comfort more […]

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