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The Best Meal Ever {Right After Baby}

No matter what kind of birth you had, most moms I talk to have one thing in common. They always remember that first meal they had right after giving birth. After your body has done the seemingly impossible, most of us have one thing on our minds (after baby, of course). Gimme Food. Glorious Food. […]

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Yes, I Have Tattoos but I’m Still Mom

I imagine that, once you get to know me, I’m probably a confusing person to figure out. What you see isn’t necessarily what you get. Initial judgments have often been off-base, which my friends love to tell me about after they have gotten comfortable with me.  For example, I was a debutante and president of […]

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An Open Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

When I was 14, we all had to write letters to our 18-year-old self at a school retreat. For some reason or another, I didn’t actually write the letter. I remember being in a fight with my best friend at the time, and I was sulking. And I guess I thought the activity was stupid […]

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