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My Children are My Mirror

From a young age, I knew I would be a good dad. It was one of the things my wife first found most attractive about me. She always said she knew from the way I treated my cat that I was a nurturer. She was mostly right. The biggest shock to being a dad was […]

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Pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy Pitfalls After 40

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  Pregnancy Pitfalls After 40 Many of today’s women are delaying childbearing until later in life for a variety of reasons, including career choices, financial status, late marriage and remarriage. In addition, successful treatment of previously infertile women over 40 is occurring. In fact, news reports […]

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Stop means STOP

Growing up, one of my aunts was a tickler. Except it wasn’t one of those nice, joyful, light touches in the tickliest of places. No, it hurt. Her rough fingers dug deep into pressure points – never inappropriate places. Never in private; nothing like that. It just hurt. And the word “stop” meant nothing to […]

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Bottles of breast milk

Four Things Your OB Wants You To Know About Colostrum

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  Four Things Your OB Wants You To Know About Colostrum Did you know that Colostrum contains antibacterial and immune system-boosting nutrients not found in formula?  For the first few days after your baby’s birth, you will produce colostrum, a nutrient-rich fluid that contains immune-boosting molecules […]

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2018Guide to Vacation Bible Schools in and around Lafayette

2018 Guide to Vacation Bible Schools In and Around Lafayette

Summer is quickly approaching and many families are looking for fun activities for the kiddos while they’re out of school. Lucky for us, many local churches offer weeklong Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) which are filled with days of learning, fun crafts, exciting activities and Bible stories. Check out our list below and add one (or […]

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Summer at AES hats

Let Summer at Ascension Save the Day

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Ascension Episcopal School. Let Summer at Ascension Save the Day While the kids are counting down the days until summer with outlandish excitement, you might find your level of anxiety slowly creeping up to unsafe heights. Some questions that might be swimming around your head are “how much […]

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