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Tent Camping – The Essentials You Need

Camping has to be one of our family’s favorite activities. What better way to spend time outside and piddle around in the woods? After last year’s tent camping adventures, I’ve decided what I can’t live without. So as we gear up and check the tent before another round of summer camping, here are a few […]

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The Marriage Stage I’d Never Want to Relive

Oh that honeymoon / newlywed bliss. Right?  It’s supposed to be so blissful, you are just carefree and playing house. The new wife getting so excited about cooking dinner for her new husband. You hear “honeymoon phase” and think it’s all rainbows and sunshine, but that wasn’t our experience.  No that newlywed phase was wrought […]

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Morning Sickness Survival Ideas

There is nothing less fun about pregnancy than the morning sickness.  I honestly didn’t expect it to hit me like it did when I was pregnant with my first child; none of my friends had awful morning sickness.  In fact, most of their recommendations to cure it involved cucumbers and grapes … well a prescription […]

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What I Learned from Cancer

This January marked one year since my aunt lost her battle with breast cancer.  It’s also four years of my father being treated for cancer.  And the cherry on top of cancer treatment, this past year my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer …  for a second time.  We are no acquaintances to cancer or to […]

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Tips to Help Your Child Succeed During State Testing

The dreaded state testing week, LEAP if you’re in the public school circle, is looming over us.  While it’s an absolutely miserable week for students and teachers alike, there are things you can do to help ease the stress of testing.  Feed your child a healthy well balanced breakfast before school. Skip the sugar loaded […]

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It's Okay to be Selfish

Mamas, It’s Okay to Be Selfish with Your Baby

At some point, everyone has heard a breastfeeding mom say she felt forced to pump breast milk because her husband, the grandmother, some sister-in-law, or that neighbor down the street wanted to give the baby a bottle. Or you’ve even heard someone pressure the formula feeding mama to hand over the bottle to someone else.  […]

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I’ll Never Be a Pinterest Mom

You’d think someone whose majority of personal blog traffic comes from Pinterest would be able to pull off the “Pinterest Mom” persona. Not quite. Finally after a few years of mothering, I thought I had gotten my act together. I had the correct holiday shirt for this particular holiday. Which I’d never done before, mind […]

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