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Things I Did Not Expect to Have to Teach My Boys

I’m trying to remember what I thought parenthood would look like when I first told my husband, “Let’s have a baby!” I mean, I don’t think I was expecting it to be all sunshine and rainbows, but I didn’t anticipate most of the things that are actually a part of real-life motherhood. I am a […]

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The Overstimulated Mom: How to Have a Minute to Yourself

Our summer started off with a bang: family vacation, summer camp, Father’s Day, swim lessons. And this was only June. July was filled with travel, way too many hours in the car, birthdays, play dates, more travel and back-to-school shopping. Today was just a regular day of dentist appointments for 4, doctor appointments for 2, […]

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I Listened to the Experts … They Were Wrong

I was in my last year of graduate school to receive a master’s degree in elementary education when I was pregnant with numero uno. I took classes on early childhood and childhood psychology, behavior and development and taught kindergarten and pre-kindergarten all before I became a mom. I felt ready and prepared for whatever motherhood […]

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Goodnight Mom :: A Parody of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Mom In the Magnolia-styled room There was a dirty diaper And a soccer ball And a picture of –  Scribbles and marker on the wall And laundry piled high, clean and dry And a toddler buck nude And remnants of food And Netflix on pause And toys from inlaws And a cat and a […]

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