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Be My Friend, Just Bring Take Out

Phone beeps … new text message pops up from the friend I love with no kids.  “Hey! Do you want to plan to take Poppy to dinner tonight about 6:30? It’ll be fun.”   Honest to God, my first thought through my head is is that it’s 8:30 am. AM.  IN THE MORNING! . I can’t […]

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Replanning Your Day When Naps Throw You Off

I fell like it never fails. I plan my day to a T. I know everything I have to do and when it needs to be done. I’ve set the schedule and I wake up ready to conquer the day.  First errand done and I buckle the baby back in for the next one. Get […]

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Happy Farmer’s Market Week!

In honor of National Farmer’s Market week August 5 -11, lets talk about what you’re missing out on. If you’ve never been to a farmers market you should plan on one this weekend! The benefits of shopping at farmers markets are endless. Wide selections of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, great cash prices, the opportunity […]

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Grandma’s House, Grandma’s Rules

“How much candy did she eat today?” pauses to listen … “Ok thanks” as I hang up the phone. ((FACEPALM))  I’m sitting on the sofa watching my child run in circles and then race back and forth down the hall. She has energy to burn. She had an enormous amount of candy at her grandma’s […]

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Serena Williams :: Keeping Breastfeeding Real

“The truth is I miss my body, being able to do other kinds of amazing things. I miss playing tennis. Mostly, I miss winning.” Serena Williams stated this sentiment on the final episode of her HBO reality show “Being Serena” last week. Ahhhh. I can so identify with you. This mom thing is HARD.  Three […]

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