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The Sleep Thief

I feel like we’ve hit a groove here when it comes to sleeping. It’s taken us 15 months to get here, and it’s not really the groove I was looking for if you want me to be honest. It’s not the groove I had with my other four children either, but it’s a groove that […]

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Closet Secrets: What Every BSTer Wishes You Knew

Welcome to the secret underworld of buy, sell, trading for moms. Hopefully you have read Rebecca’s breakdown here. She gave you the nut and bolts …However, I’m going to let you in on the “unspoken code.” Trust me, it exists. Sometimes you accidentally fall into this rabbit hole, but more than likely, you’ve been brought […]

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Nov 2017 family_-29

How to Dress for Family Photos

So you picked a photographer, finally settled on a date and time and you’re crossing your fingers for beautiful weather and happy children, right? Family photos can be so stressful for us moms. Besides taking forever to find something that fits in our schedule, we worry about all the things we can’t control. On top […]

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Dec 2017

South Louisiana Day Trips :: Ways to Beat the Post Christmas Boredom

And here we are. The week post-Christmas. The stockings, trees and decorations are being tucked away, and the new Christmas toys that your children got just a few days ago are not keeping them as entertained as you thought. And you find yourself looking at the calendar … counting the days until they go back […]

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Clowns Not Welcome Here

Halloween is coming. As we all very well know. But I’m just giving fair warning for anyone even considering trick or treating at my house. NO CLOWNS. None. I don’t care if your clown is happy or sad. If he’s scary or friendly. He’s creepy to me. Bottom line. Get him away from me. Creepier […]

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