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The Difficult Decision of Redshirting Your Preschooler

The term redshirting comes from college athletics, where coaches “hold back” athletes from participating on the team until they have better developed skills so that they can extend their period of player eligibility and be more successful players. The term “academic redshirting” has become popular in regards to preschool/kindergarten age kids and the big decision […]

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The Countdown Is On!

Ten months y’all … 166 days of actual school has passed (why does it seem like 2,000) and we are headed to home plate with the countdown!! Our school has three days left. Thhreeeee leeeeeeft!! I think I can, I think I can … At this point though, I’m not counting down the school days, […]

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The Prank Call

It’s been two years since that night. Two years and I still relive those feelings. To this day, if the phone rings during the night, my heart panics and I have trouble sleeping afterwards. It was all a prank. A prank call made most likely by some young boys that, for one night, had me […]

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