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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my mother or Nana taking my sister and me to the library. I would walk around in wonder as I perused the titles. I have always loved to read and back then, I could devour multiple books a week. Because of this, it has always been so […]

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In This House, We Choose Compassion :: Talking to Kids About Poverty and Privilege

I’m not really sure of exactly when I became aware of how cold the world can be, but wow. It’s rough out there! I attended a Continuing Education Event at The Family Tree  about the dynamics of poverty. Seeing the statistics about poverty in Louisiana really opened my eyes! Check out The National Center for Children […]

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The Working Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding and Pumping

The Working Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Pumping

Disclosure :: This post is part of a series for World Breastfeeding Week and is sponsored by Women’s & Children’s Hospital. The Working Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Pumping You made it through your maternity leave! Congratulations! Hopefully, you binged all the Netflix series and documentaries that your heart desired and you’ve gotten into the breastfeeding groove. […]

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How Am I? Crumbling, Thanks for Asking {Getting Real with Our Emotions}

Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I’ll give the normal reply: “I’m wonderful, thanks for asking. How are you?” and then they will say, “oh, that’s so great! I’m really well!” and we’ll go about our day. But, are any of us really ok? The perfectionist in me never wants to let on that […]

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Netflix 2

Netflix and Maternity Leave Part 2 : Ten Documentaries to Get You Through the Midnight Feedings

Ahhhhhhh maternity leave. The sweet baby smell, the lyrical baby coos, and … staying up all night snuggling a newborn that won’t let you put him down. For a list of great series to get you through your time before jetting back to work, check out my Part 1 on Netflix and Maternity Leave. I love […]

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Please Stop Telling My Child To Color Inside the Lines

Please Stop Telling My Child To Color Inside The Lines

I am fortunate to have a very attentive family and for that, I am grateful. But, sometime during Kael’s second year of life, I noticed that he was getting particular feedback from a few members of our large family. “Why don’t you try to color in the lines?” and “The sky isn’t purple.” My little one […]

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