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4 Tips to Reduce Preterm Labor and Delivery Risk

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  4 Tips to Reduce Preterm Labor and Delivery Risk There are a few steps you should take before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy to reduce your risk of preterm labor and delivery. According to the March of Dimes, preterm birth is the leading cause of […]

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A Royal Delivery

Kate had her baby! If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then you haven’t been on Facebook in the last 24 hours. Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child, a son, on Monday, April 23, 2018. While this is not necessarily earth-shattering news to any of us here in the States, what we […]

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2018 Lafayette Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite Lafayette Mom TODAY!

2018 Lafayette Mom of the Year Whether she is a stay at home mom, work from home mom or working mom, her “job” involves so much more than the title implies. She’s the family nurse and the keeper of the calendar. She’s the meal planner and the chef. She’s the chauffeur, the referee, the laundromat, the travel agent. She’s […]

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