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It Is OK To Be Sad

First, let me start this off by saying that I am not a medical professional and have ZERO medical experience. I am writing this based on my own experience. I know very well that people’s emotions and situations do not fit into molds. Therefore, this does not apply to everyone. Please keep that in mind, […]

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That Time We Cancelled Cable

About a year ago we started cutting back on spending where we could.  Student loans couldn’t be cut back on, and are actually quite the little debt mountain, so we had to move further down the list. Discussions to sell out house were next, we talked for months before we finally decided the fall was […]

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Support Your Local Businesses

Facebook recommendations are great. It gives exposure to business and events that wouldn’t normally have a wide reach without a large budget. Recently, a friend asked where to purchase a UL (University of Louisiana) shirt for an upcoming sporting event. I was quick to comment with two local stores that carry a wide variety of […]

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Netflix 2

Netflix and Maternity Leave Part 2 : Ten Documentaries to Get You Through the Midnight Feedings

Ahhhhhhh maternity leave. The sweet baby smell, the lyrical baby coos, and … staying up all night snuggling a newborn that won’t let you put him down. For a list of great series to get you through your time before jetting back to work, check out my Part 1 on Netflix and Maternity Leave. I love […]

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The Difficult Decision of Redshirting Your Preschooler

The term redshirting comes from college athletics, where coaches “hold back” athletes from participating on the team until they have better developed skills so that they can extend their period of player eligibility and be more successful players. The term “academic redshirting” has become popular in regards to preschool/kindergarten age kids and the big decision […]

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experts 2

I Listened to the Experts … They Were Wrong

I was in my last year of graduate school to receive a master’s degree in elementary education when I was pregnant with numero uno. I took classes on early childhood and childhood psychology, behavior and development and taught kindergarten and pre-kindergarten all before I became a mom. I felt ready and prepared for whatever motherhood […]

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Grandma’s House, Grandma’s Rules

“How much candy did she eat today?” pauses to listen … “Ok thanks” as I hang up the phone. ((FACEPALM))  I’m sitting on the sofa watching my child run in circles and then race back and forth down the hall. She has energy to burn. She had an enormous amount of candy at her grandma’s […]

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