• February in Lafayette

The Minivan Mom :: Come Join the Club

I remember the solemn moment. The moment my dream car, my yellow Volkswagon Beetle, died. RIP, Daisy! Not that I had driven her in two years because rear facing car seats do not fit in the back of Bugs … I tried. My poor 6’2” husband had to drive that tiny hatchback in all of […]

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Wait, Wait, Wait!!! Don’t Pitch Your Mardi Gras Throws!

It’s the question that every Louisiana mom asks themselves the day after Mardi Gras, “What do I do with all these Mardi Gras beads (or throws)?” There are 2 things that usually happen: They get thrown away or They get sorted and stored in the attic waiting for the apocalypse.  There has to be another […]

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