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We’re FIVE Lafayette Moms Stronger :: Meet Our New Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to FIVE new members of the Lafayette Moms Blog team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring Acadiana mom, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person at any of our upcoming events. We are humbled and honored […]

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Things I Did Not Expect to Have to Teach My Boys

I’m trying to remember what I thought parenthood would look like when I first told my husband, “Let’s have a baby!” I mean, I don’t think I was expecting it to be all sunshine and rainbows, but I didn’t anticipate most of the things that are actually a part of real-life motherhood. I am a […]

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Dr. Melanie Fowler

Dr. Melanie Fowler: On Board Certification and Motherhood

Dr. Melanie Fowler: On Board Certification and Motherhood Disclosure :: A local mom and friend of LAFMB, Dr. Melanie Fowler, sponsored this post. Early in my orthodontic career, one of my goals was to become Board-certified. Board certification is not required to practice as an orthodontist, so most doctors don’t do it. They say it is […]

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Why I Didn’t Love Being a Stay at Home Mom

The Truth. The truth is, I have never had the desire to be a stay at home mom. My mother, raised all of her children never having worked outside of the home. I was not that person. Being a mother is hard, period. I’ve been on both sides: stay at home mom vs. working mom. Still, […]

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Crisis Meal Ideas

Meal Ideas to Deliver in a Crisis

Things in life happen, but the good thing about living in the South is that everyone will quickly rally around you.  The best, no one ever shows up empty handed.  When a friend of our’s recently lost a parent unexpectedly, my initial reaction was to take them Popeye’s Chicken.  Don’t laugh at me. This is […]

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What I Learned from Getting Fired

Not many people know that one of my more recent jobs ended in termination. The company I worked for decided to terminate my employment after working for them for over 5 years. I was a success; in fact, the most successful person in the position I held. I helped my teammates; I was friends with […]

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Changing Your Routine While Keeping the Peace :: A Family Dynamic Shifted

Change is good. With change comes growth. A new season in life that presents budding possibilities but is also partnered with many struggles and obstacles to an otherwise accustomed way of being. So, it comes as no surprise when I tell you we recently changed our family’s routine; turned it on it’s head really, and […]

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